Monday, March 31, 2008

TPR today!!!

Our social worker just called a little while ago to let us know that there were no problems in court today and that Jaxon is legally ours!!! No more worries. I cant tell you how happy we are at this moment. Its like we just took a big exhale and can continue on with no fears. its the best feeling. Now all we have are postplacement visits and then our court date for his Adoption Day to finalize things. Yay!!!
We had Jaxon's first baby shower this weekend which was just wonderful. We're truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives who care so much. To my girlfriends---your the best :o) Will post some pix as soon as I'm able. Happy Monday to all!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bmom and 1 month old

So today I decided to try and call C and see if maybe this week she'd like to meet for coffee and visit so she can see Jaxon again. We think about her so much and now more than ever we really feel like open adoption is the route for us. So scary how things change so quickly. Seems like yesterday when we were attending our 2 day seminar and both Dan and I thinking that the most we'd ever be comfortable with was letters and pictures maybe once a year. That has totally changed since meeting C. She's so amazing. For those who didnt know, we did meet with her and her daughter D at our agency and it was wonderful. She was just as happy to see us as we were to see her. I had a total breakdown moment last sunday when I was watching this Lifetime movie "16 and Pregnant". I didnt get to watch the whole thing but caught bits and pieces of it and it turned out to be an adoption story. In the midst of the tears flowing while watching the end of this show, I had a moment and I know it had to have been God telling me in a subtle way, that this is all ok. Open adoption is for us. There should be no worries. This gal had chosen an adoptive family to parent her child...and at the end of the movie...the adoptive father had a video camera and was taping this little boy and as I watched, it was like i was jumping ahead in time 5 years and seeing Jaxon. The adoptive couple had just had a baby girl..and the father asked the little boy-- (as I remember it)

Boy: My name is Charlie...
Father: WHats new in your life?
Boy: I'm going to be in kindergarden....
Father: Anything else new going on?
Boy: I have a new baby sister? (he walks towards his mother sitting on couch with baby sister)
Father: Oh yeah? And where did she come from?
Boy: She came from my mommies tummy.
Father: Really...well where did you come from?
Boy: I came from Jacey's tummy.
Father: Oh? And who is Jacey? (little boy walks to other side of the room where Jacey is sitting)
Boy: She is my birthmother. (and then he whispers something to the affect)...and I'm the only one who knows how much she really loves me.

Since seeing this show I have found myself wanting to hit send on the cell phone where C's name was. After talking with Dan, we are ready to open things up and let C and D into our lives. In our very first meeting with her, we had even discussed attending birthday parties of the kids' but I really see more. We know in the long run, this will be what is best for Jaxon. I frequent (or as often as I can now being a mama) an adoption forum in which I've met several amazing women who are part of this triad and I've got some wonderful advice and have had very meaningful conversations with them and it seems like there is some common ground with all of us involved is that there may be people in our lives who are outside of the triad that may find it difficult to understand or to accept open adoption and the importance it has in the adopted childs life. Closed adoptions are a thing of the past and now days more and more adoptive parents are pulling out all stops and are going with what their heart is telling what is right for your child. You just need to hope and pray that those in your life close to you will grow to understand and accept such a special situation. Today I called C. I got her voice mail, but I left her a message telling her we've been thinking about her a lot and want to grab coffee this week if her schedule allows...and that we love her and hope to see her soon.
In conclusion...before I go get a little snooze in before I pull an all nighter with the lil man, today we celebrate 1 month with our beautiful son :o) We couldnt be more happy or more blessed by this special boy and I thank God for making my life complete. Here are a few shots I took for his one month.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Loving life

Ok so back on the horse again :o) I find it rather challenging to sit my butt at this computer for periods of time anymore as all my time is spent with Jaxon (unless he's sleeping, which would be now)for me to be able to take time to post an update. I love every minute of it!! He is the most wonderful lil piece of heaven and every day feels like the first day with him. Everything has fallen into place so perfectly and we couldnt ask for more. Sunday will be his one month already!? I cant believe already how fast time is going. No smiles yet specifically for mom and dad but he's getting really good at holding his head up for long periods of time. Its the cutest thing when he stretches out his neck...looks like a lil turtle :o) He's such a content baby, we've been so lucky. He does fairly well during the night waking up only about once and then sleeping till 7 or 8. We're slowly but surely getting into a routine so Dan and I can both get some sleep. But its coming along. I found that Jaxon likes to go on outings with his mama--very content in the car and shopping around with me :o) In all the times we've taken him out anywhere--so far-- and even to dinner...he's not fussed once! Yay. Two weekends ago we did his first pictures which was so much fun. Our sister in laws sister has a big mama jama camera and does some pretty awesome work with it and we got tons of pix of Jaxon. they are, a few of them anyway. So hard for me to pick only a few as they are all my favorite!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Welcome Jaxon Davis

While I have a second of spare time, thought I'd post the news for those who havent heard yet--our Jaxon Davis was born Saturday, Feb 16 at 4:11 p.m. Weighing in at 8 lb even and 20.25 inches long :o) He's the most precious thing I have ever laid eyes on :o) We are so much in love with this lil guy!!! So until I can really sit down and update, here are a few pix of the lil guy :o) More to come!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Great phone call from SW today!

So our social worker called me like 5 pm-ish and told me that C came in and got her thank you card we brought to the agency for her and she was really happy and told our SW that she would love if I would come to her next Dr. appt with her, which is scheduled for 8 a.m. this wednesday!!!! I actually get to go with her and see the ultrasound of the baby! Oh my gosh!!!! Also, I could mean nothing right now...but SW also said that C has been having contractions the last few nights and told her that she'd be really happy if she could have this baby this weekend!!!! Wouldnt that be something! And my parents and aunt and cousins are here in town this weekend! I'm not counting on it but if it perfect! Well just thought I'd share that news before I hit the sack. Long day of baby shopping ahead of us tomorrow!! Yay!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Whew!! FINALLY here I am :o)

Happy Valentines to all! May your loved ones spoil you with the love and affection you deserve :o) So I just came back from chopping all my hair off...yeah I guess I'm really getting into 'mommie mode' and after my appt headed over to the agency to drop off a thank you card for our Bmom (we'll call her 'C'). Left it with our social worker to give to C telling her how much we appreciated her meeting with us and how we felt about the meeting and that we were truly blessed to be chosen by her. So here is a little about our situation. C is a young single mom..22 yrs old. She has a daughter (whom we'll call D), that is 2 yrs old and will be a full blood sister to our son. The bfather (whom we'll call J), has been in and out of their lives and at this point is no where to be found. No one can get in touch with him. C has notified J of the adoption and she had told our social worker he was ok with it but you just never know. Her family is in total support of her decision. Being a young mother she decided all along through her pregnancy that adoption was what she wanted to do. She wants to go to school and do good for her and her daughter and financially and mentally, she is just not prepared to be a single mother of two children. She came to our agency a few weeks prior to us getting THE CALL and made an adoption plan with our social worker. She looked through the profiles and chose between two families...she really liked us...the fact that we've been together so long and are high school sweethearts...the fact that dan is athletic and played baseball. She told us she wanted baby to have that opportunity to play sports but didnt know who was gonna teach him that as she's not able. She was absolutely wonderful...I'm telling you it couldnt have been a more perfect match. We were anxious going in but as soon as we sat down it was like we were conversing with a friend. She told us about her life and family and a what she knew of J and his family. We also go to see pictures of J and C and also of D when she was a baby, so that gave us an idea what our son will look like. Forgot to mention that she brought D with her and she was absolutely lovely! Was a sweet little girl. Very smart and beautiful. Gummy worms and color crayons kept her busy while we talked :o) It was just amazing to be able to see her. We learned a lot about each other and our journeys that brought us to adoption. I have to share this story with you all which to me was like a definite deal sealer and a moment of goose bumps where I think we all realized that this was a match made by God; she brought up names for the baby and if we had any picked out and of course after flipping through the book of 100,000 names...we had brought three top names to the table with us---Jaxon, Grayson and Phineus. Well if you know Dan and I very well personally you will know that Jaxon is a name we've had in mind back when we were 15 and first dating..talking hypothetically if we got married what we'd name our kids. Dan came up with this name in the 7th grade. Anyway.... I told her the background of the first name we gave her, Jaxon, and when she heard the name...her eyes just lit up, welled with tears and she said....'ya know the only name i have every associated with this baby throughout this whole pregnancy, was Jaxon....if i were to name this boy and parent him myself, Jaxon is the name I would have given goes well with his sisters name"....oh gosh did I burst into tears, we all got goosebumps and it was in that moment, i think we really all knew...this was going to be our son...Jaxon will be our boy :o) It was an incredible day, we said our see ya laters and Dan and I walked out the most happiest couple....even though it was like subzero we stopped outside the door and just embraced one another and cried. This is our bmom...this is our baby! Wow. I'm still in a state of shock that our prayers are finally being answered. We called our social worker later that evening and told her we were pushin our chips all in....we love her and will be waiting for our son. C was equally as excited about us and told our SW that she absolutely loved us. we wait for the call from SW saying she is going into labor, we'll head up to the hospital and wait for baby to be born. We'll get a room near her room (hopefully). Her hospital wishes are that she get an hour with him after he is born to take pictures and say goodbyes and then ID bracelents are ours and we take over. We stay there as long as he needs to be there and when he's ready we'll take our son home. Wow!!! We will have a long few weeks ahead of us once we return home, though. J is not responding to phone calls so they are going to have to put a publication in the paper about the court date for his termination of parental rights. Legally this has to run for three weeks before court. Our origial legal risk would be 7 days but because it has to run 3 weeks, will probably be 2 weeks legal risk for us in which someone has the chance to step in and take over parenting this child. We dont want to think about that but we must be cautious as it is a possibility. There are no guarantees till after those 2 weeks are past. All we can do is pray and ask that you all pray very hard that this is what is meant to be and that no one will intrude on our new family. However, if they do, its what is best for the baby and we understand and will respect that. It by no means will be easy, but its whats in the best interst of the child. Thanks for everyones ongoing love and support. The well wishes we've been recieving are so wonderful and we love each and everyone of you. Thank you for tagging along with us on this wild adventure and we hope that we have a happy ending! Pray for us...for C...for her daugher and their family and for our baby Jaxon. Will update more soon! Try to get pix of nursery when we get it up and running :o) Love to all!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


For those of you who dont know, we met with our birth mother yesterday and everything was fantastic. We're having a boy!!! He is due Feb 24th..give or take. Just so you know I havent forgot to update my blog, just have been crazy busy with working and trying to get things ready and enjoying the moment with my husband and family and friends. I promise to update this within the next few days to give everyone the dish! We are so excited!!! Thanks for everyones ongoing support! Love to all!!!